Health, Safety and Wellbeing

EIT is committed to providing a healthy and safe working and learning environment which enhances the well-being of all workers and students

COVID-19 – what you need to know

In continuing to prioritise the wellbeing of our students and staff, EIT is closely monitoring information provided by the New Zealand Ministry of Health and other official channels about the COVID-19.

Emergency Management

On your first day at EIT, your tutor, manager or host will go over the emergency procedures with you. It is important that you get familiar with these and your area. Here is a guide that you can use Emergency First Actions

In case of an emergencies contact:

  • 111 – Emergency Services (be able to provide the address and closest junction)
  • Call a main campus line then extn 77 77 – EIT Emergency Switchboard (Or if calling from an EIT phone 77 77)

Some helpful links;

Accident and Incident Management

Whether you are staff member, student, contractor, or visitor, we want to know if you have been involved in an incident. This information helps us to prevent others from being harmed, and find better ways of keeping our EIT community safe. Please report any accident, incidents or near misses, that happen while you are working/studying with EIT as soon as possible. You can report them here

First Aid

For emergencies, check out the Emergency Management Section. Otherwise, there are trained first aiders, and first aid kits on all of our EIT locations. Be prepared, and find out who they are once you get settled into work/study before you need it. Otherwise ask one of our staff members for help or visit our Health Centre.


Hazard and Risk Management

We all have a part to play in making sure we all  go home safe. If you see something dangerous, first consider if there is something you can do to remove the risk then report it.  

Here are some other key pieces of information;

Getting Involved

At EIT, we know that Health, Safety and Wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility.

Because of that, we look to provide plenty of opportunity for staff and students to get involved, and see what works for all. One way of doing this is through the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee. 

Please feel free to talk to any of the Health, Safety & Wellbeing Committee Members about health, safety and wellbeing matters. 

Or contact one of the CEO Advisory HS&W Committee Members.

Working with Other Organisations

EIT works with contractors to provide a safe and healthy workplace. Here is some information for how we do this.

Working with Contractors at EIT on H&SContractor Health and Safety Policy

For more information please contact your contract manager, or


Wellbeing Initiatives and Support

The wellbeing of staff and students is very important to EIT. We offer a wide range of services to support students and staff.

For students we provide a number of services including:

More information about these services is provided during student orientation and can also be accessed through the EIT student portal, EITOnline.

For staff we provide a number of services including:

  • An Employee Assistance Programme
  • A Wellstaff programme
  • Harassment Contact Network
  • Professional development support
  • Mentoring programmes

More information about these services is provided during staff induction and can also be accessed through the EIT staff portal, StaffNet.

Training and Development

Everyone in our EIT community has a part to play in Health, Safety and Wellbeing. Check out our induction video (under development) for what part you play, and an overview of EIT. Once you have watched the induction video, your tutor or EIT contact will take you through a site specific induction. In other words, what you need to know about the area you are studying/working in.  This will include;

  • Emergency procedures for your area (Wardens, First aiders, and kits)
  • Hazards in your area and how they are managed (see your areas hazard register) – under development
  • Discuss emergency contacts and any relevant health information
  • An training into any machinery or equipment you will be expected to use
  • How HS&W meetings work i.e. Toolbox talks, monthly meetings, etc.
  • Site specific plans or permits  

For information on our Health related programmes, please see below;