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Exploring Communities in the Hawkes’ Bay and Tairāwhiti 2016

This online book is the result of an assessment completed by first year social work students at the Eastern Institute of Technology (from both the Taradale and Tairāwhiti campuses), Aotearoa New Zealand. Students were placed into small groups, and invited to explore a specific community in which social work is practiced locally. Their instructions included that they only use information they found in the public domain via secondary sources.

Each chapter of this EBook represents the work of one group. Each chapter begins with an exploration of the concept ‘community’, followed with a discussion on one particular community that the students have chosen to research. Each chapter discusses some features and needs of the chosen community, followed by some discussion around the services available, and not available, to that particular community. The students were invited to comment on a power dynamic that they believed influenced the availability of services to their chosen community. The list of references at the end of each chapter identifies where the students located the information that informed their writing. The students work has been edited for accuracy with some input from the communities being researched. The students work has not been edited for grammar, spelling etc

Before making the information in this online EBook available to the general public, written consent was gained from all the students whose names appear in this publication, and from a representative of each community. The consent forms that were used have been added as Appendices in this online EBook.

We are making the information in this online EBook available to the general public in the hope that the communities mentioned, those working alongside these communities, and anyone involved in policy development or resource allocation that might impact on these communities, will benefit from accessing this information.

Editors : Karen Fagan and Florrie Brooking

Communities in this study include : Hohepa, Alzheimer’s Napier, WIT (Whatever it Takes), Bellyful, William Colenso College Teen Parent Unit, and Tauawhi Men’s Centre

The students who contributed to this work include : Georgia Fun-nell; Karen Mata; Kathryn Sexton; Rachel Eaves; Nicole Johnstone; Jemma Russell; Emma Harrison; Rebecca Mitchell; Renae Van der Meer; Shanelle Hemi; Karalyn Tavendale-Brooks; Kelly Thomson; Samantha Smith; Rose Price-Mcphee; Lucrecia Perumal; Shalbie Bowan; Holly Gempton-Lamonte; Leanne Chase; Liitania Seumanutafa; Penny Earnshaw; Jo Crawford; Atli Wainohu; and Colleen Smiler.

Davinia Wainohu, Bachelor of Social Work Graduate

SoDavina Wainohucial Work gave me the opportunity to challenge systems that oppress us from being the best that we can be.  This qualification means a sense of achievement, an inspiration to my whanau that with their support all things are possible. The first step is always the hardest, but with an awesome choice of study programmes, good facilities and high quality, supportive tutors – EIT is the place to be – the world is your oyster!!

Student Mentoring

The School of Arts and Social Sciences offers several kinds of academic and personal support to all students.

Andree Leslie is available to help with any academic or personal issue which is stopping a student from completing course requirements by initiating contact for the student with campus-wide support such as counselling and health services.

The Pasifika mentor is Maryanne Marsters who offers support particularly to Pasifika students.

Student academic and personal mentoring

Group support:

Students have the opportunity to join groups of peers from all levels of the degree for discussion and peer mentoring. This service is organised by Andree Leslie and Maryanne Marsters who are the student mentors.

Andree and Maryanne offer drop-in lunchtime sessions and other organised meetings where students can get academic or personal help including:

  • Interpreting assessment tasks
  • Referencing
  • Reading skills
  • Personal study skills
  • Literacy skills

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