EIT Smokefree

EIT thanks you for not smoking anywhere on our Campuses and at the Regional Learning Centres.


EIT has adopted a policy to be totally smokefree “reflecting our commitment to providing an environment where people can flourish” says Chris Collins, the institute’s Chief Executive. “By offering a smokefree environment we are taking a leadership role in ensuring we provide a healthy environment to work and learn.” This policy has been developed through the evidence that in New Zealand, around 5,000 people per annum die from smoking related illnesses of which 400 of these die through passive smoking.  As a leading higher education provider in health sciences it is important for EIT to demonstrate leadership in significant public health issues. With a smokefree campus, EIT provides a healthier and cleaner environment where staff and students can thrive and take pride in the institute.  The smokefree policy includes vaping and related activities.

For staff and students interested, Government subsidised cessation support including nicotine patches, gum and lozenges is available from:

  • The Student Health Centre on the Hawkes Bay Campus
  • Turanga Health in Gisborne 06 869 0457

There is a wealth of information on the ASH New Zealand website www.ash.org.nz.