Covid-19 – FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ will be updated regularly as the situation evolves and develops. If you have questions, you can email

Do I need to be vaccinated to come to an EIT Campus?

Why did EIT retire the COVID-19 Vaccination Policy?

What should I do If I test positive for COVID 19?

I have recovered from COVID-19, can I return to Campus?

Do I need to wear a mask at EIT?

I did not enrol earlier this year because of EIT’s vaccine policy. Can I apply to enrol at EIT now?

I am concerned about non-vaccinated people being in my class. What can I do?

Will my course fees be refunded if I decide to withdraw because I don’t want to return to Campus?

I feel unwell but I am not sure if it is COVID. What can I do?

I need to support sick whānau at home, what can I do?

I feel overwhelmed, where do I get support?

I am Māori/a Māori student and would like to access vaccination information and resources for Māori. Where can I find this?

I am a Pacific student and would like to access information and resources for Pacific peoples. Where can I find this?