Covid-19 – FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ will be updated regularly as the situation evolves and develops. If you have questions, you can email

Do I need to be vaccinated to come to an EIT Campus?

Why did EIT make this decision?

Why has the 14 February been chosen as the date?

How long will the vaccination requirement be in place?

Who is excluded from the vaccination requirement?

What is considered as proof of vaccination?

Who needs to see my My Vaccine Pass?

Will medical exemptions be accepted?

My programme restarts or starts for the first time in January 2022 (or before 14 February). Do I need to be fully Vaccinated to start?

I have had one vaccination. Can I come to class?

I am fully vaccinated, but don’t have a My Vaccine Pass, what can I do?

I have already started my Programme and will return in 2022. Do I need to be Vaccinated?

Will my course fees be refunded if I decide to withdraw because I am not vaccinated?

Am I required to have a My Vaccine Pass to enrol in courses with off-campus activities such as field trips, practicums, data collection, or work experience?

Does this policy apply to people attending events at EIT and EIT events offsite?

I have already completed my studies. Can I attend graduation without a My Vaccine Pass?

I am Māori/a Māori student and would like to access vaccination information and resources for Māori. Where can I find this?

I am a Pacific student and would like to access information and resources for Pacific peoples. Where can I find this?

Do I need to be vaccinated if I am a resident at EIT Student Accommodation?

How will EIT protect the privacy of my personal information? 

I received my Covid-19 vaccination overseas – is this acceptable to EIT?