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Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee

The purpose of our committee is:

(1) To ensure that all ‘workers’ and students are represented and have an opportunity to participate in health, safety and wellbeing (HSW) at EIT.

(2) To foster EIT’s HSW vision that is to; provide a healthy and safe working and learning environment which enhances the wellbeing of all workers and students.

All members of the HSWC will consider matters from an institute wide perspective, rather than solely representing their School or Section group.

Please feel free to contact any one of our committee members.

Hawke's Bay

Brett Cranswick

To me health and safety is paramount in the Automotive industry, that is where I came from, following that it is equally important here at EIT.  Coming from a trades background I believe adds a different perspective to Health and Safety to reach the same goals.

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Bill Kimberley

Bill is the Executive Director Human Resources and Operations. He has overall responsibility for HR, Health Safety and Wellbeing and a range of other functions.
Bill started work at EIT in 2007 having moved from Palmerston North where he worked in various HR roles at Massey University and UCOL. He has a BBS and MBA from Massey University.
Bill is very aware of the importance of health and safety having broken his back in a ladder fall at home. He was fortunate to fully recover through the amazing skills of a master builder who became an orthopaedic surgeon who fused three vertebrae together.  Bill has five children and currently five grandkids. 

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Jade Peterson

I am the newly appointed Association Manager for Younited.  Our main goal at Younited is to support students including their health, safety, and wellbeing.
I have a varied background across a handful of different industries, so I have encountered a wide range of health and safety risks, from chemical burns to bomb threats.  With equally diverse risks people may encounter here at EIT I’m hoping to assist as much as possible in looking after our students.

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Heather Pilbeam

My particular interest is in making the Library and Learning Hub space a safe and welcoming place for all the students and staff who use it over the extended opening hours, and in equipping our staff to respond to after-hours emergency situations.

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Hannah Portas

I provide information and advice to the Committee as EIT’s Health, Safety and Wellbeing Advisor.  It’s a known fact that no one grows up thinking, “ I want to work in Health and Safety”, and I was no exception! My journey here started in HR, where I was offered my first gig in H&S as a project manager following the reforms. Since then, it’s been non-stop learning and working across different disciplines. Now, I absolutely love my job! Staff and students get home to their loved ones because of the work we all do in H&S.

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Di Reid

My qualifications include Diplomas in Applied Biology, and Health Science and a certificate in Learning and Teaching.
I worked in science laboratories from 1993 – 1998 when the Health and Safety Act evolved and strict rules about chemical storage, usage and personal safety became law. I have had a keen interest in health and safety (H&S) ever since. I have worked at EIT for 20 years and been on the H&S committee for all that time. My role at EIT involves interaction with many staff all across campus, allowing discussion and critical thinking about many H&S situations.
I was a key player on site with COVID19 preparing the site as a member of the ICT.  I also teach First Aid hoping people learn to avoid accidents and how to help themselves, colleagues and families when accidents occur.

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Lisa Roben

Hi, I’m Lisa Roben the Laboratory Manager for The School of Viticulture and Wine. I’ve been in this position for five years and a member of the Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee for about four years.

Working daily with hazardous substances and technical equipment means that health and safety is often the focus of my work personally and for everyone who uses the science labs. I try to incorporate HS&W with continuous improvement and good communication to be really effective, but mostly HS&W is just a way of taking care of people.

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Andy Sinclair

I’ve been an engineer for 40+ years, 20 of those years in the RNZN where Health and Safety wasn’t top of the list of priorities. I’ve seen some pretty scary things in my career and 99% of them were preventable.
I’m passionate about working in a safe place, both physically and mentally.  I believe that H&S is a simple process if everyone buys into it. As a tutor here at EIT I believe it’s part of my job to get people to buy into H&S and help prevent some of the things I’ve seen.

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Barbara West

I am the Student Disability and Wellbeing Advisor for EIT. My background is in social policy, social work and management. I have a lot of experience within the field of Health and Safety both in Aotearoa and England.
I have held Health and Safety and Privacy Officer positions as well as been Building Warden for emergency and crisis management. I was a member of the emergency response team following the 2005 London bombings. Risk assessment has always been part of what I do and I am passionate about ensuring professional safety, boosting wellbeing and building resilience in our staff and students.

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Karen Young

I became interested in the health, safety and wellbeing domain after seeing the work that Hannah and the team do. People are the most important asset to a work place, so getting people home healthy and safe is paramount. Mental health is a particular area of interest to me.
The Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee are doing really good things and I wanted to be part of this – it would be great to build on the foundation we have so that we can have a strong culture of protecting ourselves and EIT.

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Shane Cameron

Coming from a Trade and Manufacturing back ground and having Health and Safety drummed into us as an apprentice, was all about the maintenance and promotion of workers’ health and working capacity, the continuous improvement of working environments and to become conducive to Health and Safety by ways of developing  work organizations and working cultures which promoted a positive social environment and smooth operation to enhance productivity and its undertakings.     

“doing something in such a way so that you can come back tomorrow and do the same again”

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Michelle Duley

Michelle is new to EIT, starting with us as Human Resources Advisor, Tairāwhiti in June 2021.

She has an extensive background working in the Turanganui-A-Kiwa roopu with elderly and disability support services, for around 35 years.

Throughout her career the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of staff and the people they support has been front of mind.  Michelle believes we all have a part to play in keeping ourselves and those around us safe.  An understanding of the importance and responsibility we all have to create and maintain a healthy work/life balance are part of the focus she brings to her role with EIT.

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Ayson Lewis

Ayson is the Toihoukura Workshop Technician at EIT Tairāwhiti.

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Lucy Tomlinson

My particular interest is in making the Library & Learning Hub space a safe and welcoming place for all the students and staff who use it over the extended opening hours, and in equipping our staff to respond to after-hours emergency situations.

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Dobrila Lopez (Dr)

Dr Dobrila Lopez is currently a Principal lecturer at the Computing Department of the Eastern Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand.
She is a trained health and safety representative for Auckland Campus. She served as the MIT Health and safety committee member for the Manukau Institute of Technology, Ara polytechnic and Eastern Institute of Technology.

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