If you are an English language student, we strongly recommend you apply for homestay accommodation. Homestay provides a warm family environment with your own room and meals provided. It gives you the opportunity to assimilate into Napier and the New Zealand way of life by becoming part of a New Zealand family. All of our homestay families are carefully selected and supervised. They have been vetted by police and inspected by EIT staff. The cost of homestay is from NZ$285per week (minimum 4 weeks stay), and includes:

  • Your own furnished bedroom with study area
  • Clean bed linens and towels
  • Three meals per day (please note that students may be expected to prepare their own breakfast and lunch)
  • Internet connection (A fair and reasonable amount is provided. You will need to clarify this with your individual homestay family)
  • Located within a close proximity to EIT, where students may walk, bicycle or take the bus
  • Pickup from Napier airport

Please note that the homestay fee does not cover personal items such as phone calls, toiletries, excessive internet use or entrance fees to any activities with your host family. Students who prefer to take the bus to EIT (rather than walk or bicycle) will be responsible for their own bus fare. A homestay request form is required to understand what type of family would best suit you. It is important to be honest about your personality and lifestyle so we can best match you to a family. EIT endeavours to match students with a family based on the information on the homestay request form. However, some requests may not be met due to homestay family availability at the time. Once you have secured a minimum of one month homestay in advance we will forward your homestay details to you. Please note:

  • Students should commit to the first month in homestay. EIT does not change homestay placements in the first month as it takes some time for students to settle into their new lifestyle, and for the family and student to adjust to each other.
  • Students should give one week’s notice to EIT to vacate a homestay placement.
  • All payments for continuing homestay should be made directly to the homestay provider.
  • Students who go on holiday during their homestay period should pay the full rate for one week plus $50 to reserve their room for when they return.

For more information about living with a homestay family please contact: accommodation@eit.ac.nz