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Choosing a course of study and planning your career

Before enrolling it is important to do some personal research and investigation:

Ask yourself…”Why do I want to study?”

Are you studying for personal interest, to improve your job prospects, to brush-up on your skills or to re-train for a new career? If it’s to get a job, will the qualification you intend studying get you into your chosen career? Are there any other study options you should look at? Does your study fit into your career plan? Do you have one?

When you’ve decided WHY you are studying, think about WHAT you want to study.

What subjects/areas interest you? Explore the website KiwiCareers, an occupational and training information site. It has information on over 700 jobs. Each job outline includes information on the skills required, tasks and duties involved and salary range.

What will be covered in the course? What alternative courses are there? Will it meet your needs? Not sure? Sit in on a class to get the feel of it! Talk with co-ordinators of the course and current students.

What suits you best? Full-time or part-time study? 20 weeks or 1, 2 or 3 years? Evening or day classes? Once a week or all week? On campus or by correspondence?

What level is it? e.g. Introductory, Pre-employment, National Certificate Level 2, National Diploma, Degree? What do these mean? Is this right for you?

What do employers want?

Be clear about what skills, experience and qualifications employers are looking for. Explore what specific skills or knowledge are needed for a particular job. (Talk with an employer, someone who does the job in your interest area or get a job description).

Is a qualification necessary? Is there a particular qualification needed? Do you need to do a full qualification to upskill yourself or do you only need to study one paper.

By following these steps you will be able to identify a relevant course of study that meets YOUR needs & requirements.

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