Refund Policy

EIT Refund Policy for International Students

Refunds of tuition fees will only be made in accordance with the following policy.

1)    By accepting a place in a programme of study at EIT, an international student enters into a contract with EIT for the period of the offer. This contract obliges the student to pre-pay (prior to enrolment) the full tuition fee for the year (or shorter period if the programme is less than one year).
2)    In normal circumstances, no refunds will be given two weeks after EIT has received payment of fees.
3)    There is no automatic right to a refund of fees if a student changes his/her mind about studying at EIT.
4)    Any request for refund must be made on the Application for Refund form (obtainable from Registry). The request must include a detailed explanation of the reasons for withdrawal from the programme contracted and supporting documentation.
5)    If a refund is given, it will be paid in NZ dollars or converted into a nominated currency minus any bank fees and paid by cheque or bank draft to:
a) The student’s registered home address in country of origin; or
b) To the agent who referred the student ; or
c) Another institution
6)    There will be no refunds for summer school.


Applications for refunds will be considered under the following categories, and will require supporting documentation.

Full Refunds
1)    Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has refused to grant a visa for study in New Zealand.
2)    INZ has refused to grant a visa extension to the student.
3)    EIT is unable to offer the programme contracted. If the programme contracted with EIT is cancelled for whatever reason, then the student shall be entitled to a total refund of fees but shall not be entitled to any other compensation, costs, or consequential damages.

Other Refunds
1)    An international student in a semester or term based programme who gains Permanent Residency will not receive a refund of fees for the semester or term in which residency is granted. However they will be treated as a New Zealand Permanent Resident for the following semester or term and refunded any international fees paid beyond the semester or term in which residency was granted.
If a student requests to defer their study for the semester or term in which his/her permanent residency is granted, they will be required to sign a Refund Waiver Form waiving his/her right to the Permanent Residency refund.
International students in programmes designed with full year non-semester courses must pay the international fees for the full year, regardless of the date Permanent Residence has been granted during that year.
2)    If the student wants to withdraw their application after paying their fees, and written notice is received by International Registry department one week prior to programme commencement, or within two weeks of fee payment (so long as the fee payment occurs before the end of the first week after programme commencement), whichever comes later, a refund will be sent to their bank account. This refund is paid to the student on return to his/her own country and on evidence that he/she has stopped studying in NZ. Students must provide documentation to show that they have returned home. For students who are studying online outside of New Zealand, this refund is paid to the students nominated bank account.
3)    If a student wants to transfer to another institution and notice is received by the International Registry department one week prior to programme commencement at EIT, the student (or their agent) is required to state that in writing to the International Registry department. In this case, 75% of the course fee will be refunded. An original Letter of Offer of Place from the other institution must be seen by the EIT Registry department for this refund to be arranged. The refund is paid directly to the institution where the student is transferring.
4)    Special circumstances of a compassionate nature, as approved by EIT, may necessitate withdrawal from a programme. Supporting information will be required either in English or in the original language and with a notarized translation into English attached.

Note: Under clause 2 and 3 above, programme commencement at EIT means the first enrolment date. A student cannot withdraw at the end of the first semester during their first year when they have paid fees and have a visa for a year.


1.  Any request for a refund must be made on the Application for Refund Form.

    • This form is obtainable from the International Centre or email:
    • Completed forms should be submitted to the International Student Support Officer with any supporting documentation e.g. medical certificates.

2.  All refunds will be paid in New Zealand Dollars.  Refunds will be sent to the following as appropriate:

    • In the first instance.  The bank account from where the original payment was received. This only on evidence the student has returned to their home country.
    • The student’s registered home address in country of origin. This only on evidence the student has returned to their home country.
    • The recruitment agent who referred the student. This only upon evidence the student has returned to their home country and where the student has authorized this transfer.
    • Another institution. This if the Application for Refund Form is supported by evidence of an official unconditional Offer of Place by the other institution and Student Visa for that institution.
    • Refunds will not be paid directly to a student or transferred to a student’s bank account in New Zealand.

Refund Process

Please click on a link below that best describes the reason you are applying for a refund

INZ refuse a visa

INZ refuse a visa extension

Transferring to another institution

EIT is unable to offer the programme

Permanent Residence in NZ is granted

Student no longer wants to study at EIT or in NZ

Compassionate reasons (serious illness, etc.)

Summer School

Termination of Enrolment

EIT Grounds for Termination of Enrolment for International Students

Unsatisfactory Academic Progress

Unsatisfactory Attendance

Academic Misconduct

Unacceptable Behaviour

A student whose enrolment at EIT is terminated for any reason outlined in this table will not be eligible for a refund of their tuition fees for the programme of study in which they were enrolled. Students whose enrolment in their programme of study at EIT is terminated on grounds of unsatisfactory academic progress may be eligible to apply for a transfer of the unused portion of tuition fees to a new programme of study at EIT. These requests must be submitted to the Dean of the faculty of the original programme through the International Student Support Officer.

Failure to comply with EIT Policies and Procedures could result in suspension of access to EIT services, such as the library and computer networks, temporary suspension from programme of study, or termination of enrolment. If a student’s enrolment is terminated, Immigration New Zealand will be informed, and the student’s visa will be cancelled.