Induction Programme for New EIT | Te Pūkenga Staff

Welcome to the EIT | Te Pūkenga Induction Programme which has been developed to enable you to access a wide range of important information about EIT | Te Pūkenga which you will need as you start your career here.

Check out the Working @EIT Induction Video 

The EIT | Te Pūkenga Induction Process

Your induction is vital in helping you to settle into your new role and assist you in becoming connected to the EIT | Te Pūkenga community.  It will give you the information you need to assist in your understanding of our goals and strategies and it will introduce you to important services, systems, policies and procedures.

The EIT | Te Pūkenga induction programme is delivered in different ways which are detailed below:


Each semester a pōwhiri for both new staff and students is held and this will be your introduction to the EIT | Te Pūkenga marae, Te Ara O Tāwhaki.

Te Tomokanga – Online Induction Course

This online induction course should ideally be completed within the first six months of appointment. Your manager is aware of the importance of allocating time for you to complete this course as it will help you to better understand both the EIT | Te Pūkenga environment and your own job. It can be accessed at any point during your employment at EIT | Te Pūkenga so feel free to revisit the programme in the future. You will need to have your own EIT | Te Pūkenga login and enrolment key before you can enrol into this course.

Orientation Seminar for New Staff

In this seminar new staff will have the opportunity to meet the EIT | Te Pūkenga Executive Transitional Lead and have an opportunity to raise any questions or comments you may have. The contributions and perspectives of new staff are highly valued and you are strongly encouraged to attend the first available seminar.

Your Individual Faculty or Section Induction

Your manager will play a key role in your induction by providing an introduction to your work area and the requirements of the position. In particular your manager or nominated Kaiārahi (guide) will help to organize your welcome and introductory tour, ensure that your physical resources are available and then will supervise your progress through the programme.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Video

This must be watched by the end of your first week at EIT | Te Pūkenga:

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Induction Video 

Herea te Rā

Herea te Rā is the EIT | Te Pūkenga Māori Capability Development Framework. Each new staff member is required to self-assess against Herea te Rā using the online self-assessment tool. After completing this assessment you will automatically be sent a goal setting sheet and a poster of your assessed capabilities.

Please use the goals setting sheet to set goals in alignment with your Herea te Rā self assessment results.  These goals will then be discussed with your Manager in your initial induction conversations, and then every year as part of your performance review.

It is expected that your Manager will see progression each year in the 5 areas of Herea te Rā / Māori Cultural Capability.

To complete the self-assessment offsite you will need to log into Microsoft forms using your EIT | Te Pūkenga username and password.

Click here to complete the self-assessment:  Herea te Rā Self-assessment

Employment Agreements

Academic Staff Members

For an academic staff member the work you do is covered by a collective employment agreement between EIT | Te Pūkenga and the Tertiary Education Union (TEU). 

You can access a copy of the Academic Staff Collective Employment Agreement here:
Te Pūkenga TEU Kaimahi Collective Agreement

Allied Staff Members

For an allied staff member the work you do is covered by a collective employment agreement between EIT | Te Pūkenga and the Tertiary Education Union (TEU).

You can access a copy of the Allied Staff Collective Employment Agreement here:

Collective Employment Agreement
Collective Employment Agreement Schedule
Allied Staff Salary Scale

There will also be further workshops and seminars which you will need to attend (depending on individual staff circumstances).  These will be explained to you as you work your way through Te Tomokanga.

Further support and advice regarding the Induction Programme is available from Learning and Development