Online Induction Programme For New EIT Staff

Welcome to EIT’s Online Induction Programme which has been developed to enable you to access a wide range of important information about EIT. 

EIT staff are employed on terms and conditions as follows:

The Online Induction Programme provides information about EIT to assist in your understanding of EIT’s goals and strategies; to introduce you to important services, systems, policies and procedures; and to give you an idea of the range of roles undertaken at EIT.

Each module will include online quizzes that will allow you to test and improve your knowledge on a variety of facts and information.  We hope you will find this online component informative and engaging.

Support and advice about the induction programme is available from Learning and Development (ext 5031).

The EIT Induction Process

Your induction is vital in helping you to settle into your new role and assist you in being connected to the EIT community.  EIT’s induction programme is delivered in different ways:

Online induction

This online induction, made up of four modules, should ideally be completed within the first four weeks of appointment. Your manager is aware of the importance of allocating time for you to complete this programme, as it will help you to better understand EIT’s environment. This online induction can be accessed at any point during your employment at EIT so feel free to revisit the programme in the future.

Powhiri and  Welcome from the Chief Executive

Each semester  there will be a powhiri and afterwards a welcome seminar from the Chief Executive for new staff.  This powhiri will be your introduction on to EIT’s marae.  In the seminar you will have  the opportunity to meet EIT’s senior Executive; gain an understanding of EIT’s strategic direction;  have an opportunity to give your first impressions of EIT as a new staff member. The contributions and perspectives of new staff are highly valued and you are strongly encouraged to attend the first available seminar.

Your Individual Faculty/Section Induction

Your manager will play a key role in your induction by providing an introduction to your work area and the requirements of the position. In particular your manager (or nominated “buddy”) will help to organize your welcome and introductory tour; ensure that your physical needs such as a desk, computer, phone, keys and computer access are met; and supervise your progress through the induction programme.

You can access the online induction programme on the links below. (Please use Google Chrome to open the first four modules below)

  1. Welcome to EIT.
  2. Connecting to EIT  This module is best viewed on your first day of work at EIT.
  3. Good Practice at EIT
  4. Your development at EIT
  5. Hereā Te Ra
  6. Health, Safety & Wellbeing Induction Video This needs to be watched by the end of your first week at EIT.