The focus of Toihoukura is to ensure the continuing development of art forms that are specifically Māori. This is promoted through the development of, and participation in an arts ‘wānanga’ learning environment that encourages the personal and professional development of every student.


Toihoukura (Toi – Arts, Hou – New, Kura – Place of Learning)

Toihoukura, the school of Māori Visual Arts, was established in 1990 by Ivan Ehau under Tairāwhiti Polytechnic.

Derek Lardelli, a noted Tā Moko artist, printmaker and sculptor, joined the programme as a senior tutor in 1992.  Sadly, Ivan died that same year, and his position was filled by renowned kowhaiwhai artist, Sandy Adsett.  Painter, Steve Gibbs, was appointed in 1994.  Together this teaching team developed a dynamic foundation programme, followed by an Advanced Diploma and, in January 2007, a Bachelor of Māori Visual Arts was accredited and implemented.