High-Performance Sport

The Exercise Science Group is a collaborative group with research interests focusing on the role physical activity and exercise plays in maintaining and enhancing human performance and health. Members within the group have a broad range of research interests, including the monitoring and enhancement of sport performance, maximising human energy metabolism and injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Carl Paton is as an Associate Professor at EIT specialising in elite cycling performance and endurance physiology. Carl has been a competitive cyclist and multisport athlete for over 30 years and has coached numerous cyclists to representation level at the World championships, Olympic and Commonwealth games in road and mountain bike disciplines.

Carl researches endurance performance enhancement through the use of high intensity training and legal ergogenic methods. He has a particular interest in the use of blood occlusion during exercise to enhance fitness and health, the effects of novel training strategies to enhance sporting performance, and effects of dietary manipulation on health and sport performance.

Carl Paton Patrick Lander
Lee-Ann Taylor