Sport Science Services

EIT Sport Science Services Logo Jul 09EIT Sport Science Services at Pettigrew Green Arena offers a range of testing and training services for all athletes to enhance their training and performance.

All Staff are highly qualified & experienced in their field of interest.  They are closely linked with New Zealand Academy of Sport and work with athletes from novice to elite. Sports include – Cricket, Cycling, Rugby, Softball, Sailing, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Soccer, Rowing, Swimming, and Multisport. The following services are available:

Exercise Physiology

Exercise physiology allows the athlete a better understanding of how their body adapts to exercise.  Knowledge gained from testing in the laboratory or field, can be used to define training making each training session more effective and competition more successful.

Physical Conditioning

Physical conditioning covers all aspect of physical fitness from strength, power training, aerobic, anaerobic and more. Physical conditioning can lead to faster, stronger and more powerful sports performance.


Biomechanics can help coaches by using advanced technology to analyse the technical skills required of a participant in a given sport.


Anthropometry allows the athlete to identify the size, shape and body composition at which he/she performs optimally, both in training and competition.

Sport Psychology

The practical application of sport psychology comes down to assisting athletes to “be their best – when they need to do their best”. Focus is on understanding and influencing the effect that an athlete’s; social interactions, behaviours, thoughts, and emotions have on performance.


Prof Bob Marshall, Biomechanics




Dr Carl Paton,
Exercise Physiology, Physical Conditioning, Anthropometry




Edmond Otis
Speaking and Consulting – Sport Psychology, Motivation and Performance   



Contact: Ivar Hopman 021 451 588 for further information on testing, training or to make an appointment or email