EIT Sport Science Services at Pettigrew.Green Arena and EIT Institute of Sport & Health (EIT ISH) offers a range of testing and training services for all athletes to enhance their training and performance.

All Staff are highly qualified and experienced in their field of interest.  They are closely linked with the New Zealand Academy of Sport and work with athletes from novice to elite.  Sports include – Cricket, Cycling, Rugby, Softball, Sailing, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Football, Rowing, Swimming, and Multisport. The following services are available:

Health and Wellness

EIT Sport Science Services has a comprehensive Health and Wellness Assessment that will provide you with valuable insights into the current state of your health and wellness. State-of-the-art measuring equipment can also provide unique and detailed insights about your body composition and body shape.

Sport and Fitness

EIT Sport Science Services has a range of tests that help athletes gain a better understanding of how their body adapts to exercise. Knowledge gained in the laboratory or the field can be used to inform training programmes that make each training session more effective and so improve performance outcomes.

Strength and Conditioning

EIT Sport Science Services can provide strength and conditioning training that can lead to faster, stronger and more powerful sports performance. A comprehensive range of equipment is available to help identify areas that can be improved. The results can then be used to provide detailed programmes to help you get stronger and go faster.

Equipment and Facilities

EIT Sport Science Services has a range of equipment available for use in our labs at Pettigrew.Green Arena (PGA) or EIT Institute of Sport & Health (EIT ISH) at the Mitre 10 Sports Park in Hastings.  Some equipment can also be used off-site.  And if you want to train for competitions in hot climates the laboratory at EIT ISH can be heated to around 35 degrees for indoor heat training.

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