Life in Napier

The cities of Napier and Hastings in the Hawke’s Bay region together comprise the fifth largest urban area in New Zealand. They are sophisticated modern cities, yet rich in tradition with Art Deco and Spanish Mission architecture creating a special character.

Surrounding the cities is a rich, productive region known for award-winning wine and tourism activity. The climate is compared by many to the south of France and Italy. It’s not just the weather!

Where else in the world can you be on the coast, but surrounded by mountains? There are numerous things to see and do in Hawke’s Bay when needing a break from study. Throughout Hawke’s Bay many places have their own personality and style.

You can sit at a café on the street and watch the world go by, or take in the countryside and try some local delicacies. The region offers a wide range of cuisines from international delights to the freshest seafood or the biggest steak. You can then move on and party the night away, snuggle up next to an open fire in winter or enjoy the warm summer evenings.

For sports and leisure activities, whether it’s as a spectator or a player, Hawke’s Bay has a lot to offer.

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