Digital Badging

EIT offers many courses that can earn digital badges. If you are keen to achieve digital badges check out our short courses, Trades Academy and Micro-credentials.

What is digital badging?

Digital badges (also known as ebadges, or singularly as ebadge) are a validated indicator of accomplishment, skill, quality or interest that can be earned in various learning environments.

A digital badge is a recognition for the learning(s) outside the traditional academic records.

Digital badges validate the accomplishment, skill, or competencies earned in learning environments, where the learning environment is typically online.

Digital badges have embedded metadata that provide richer validation of qualifications. They contain shareable information about the badge issuer, receiver, criteria for issuing, issue date, expiration date, standards adhered to and evidence of achievement.

Successful completion of all EIT Trades Academy courses and particular EIT micro-credential courses will be acknowledged with digital badging.  

Digital Badges are accessible by future employees and tertiary training establishments.

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