Harassment Contact Network

EIT is opposed to any form of unacceptable behaviour. As an institution we accept responsibility for providing and maintaining a work and learning environment free from harassment, discrimination and objectionable behaviour.


EIT has a network of Harassment Contact People whose role is to offer support and help you to explore your options when dealing with a case of harassment.


• Listen to complaints or concerns and be supportive.
• Explain what unacceptable behaviour is and assist staff and students to identify the type/s of complaint (eg, racial harassment).
• Provide information and options for dealing with unacceptable behaviour.
• Discuss options and resolution procedures which are available.
• Support staff and students when meeting with, or writing to the other party.
• Provide information on the EIT Unacceptable Behaviour Policy, Procedure and Guideline
• Explain the support services available.
• If necessary, provide support after the complaints process is finished.

Discussions with a Contact Person are confidential and will not be divulged to a third person without agreement.

The following people belong to the Harassment Contact Network. Please feel free to contact one of them if necessary.


Monica Shirer

I am Monica Shirer the International Student Support and Accommodation Officer for the Auckland Campus.  I believe that we are all entitled to work and study in a safe environment. Harassment and bullying are unacceptable behaviours and you should not be afraid to speak up.

If you feel that you are being bullied or harassed, or treated in an unacceptable manner, feel free to come and talk to me in a confidential manner. You can contact me on M: 027 405 5170 E: mshirer@eit.ac.nz you or visit me in AQ906.




Hawke's Bay

gay robertsonGay Robertson

I am a senior lecturer in Information Technology in the School of Computing. I believe that a safe study or work environment is very important and that harassment is unacceptable in any form. So if you feel that you are being bullied or harassed, or treated in an unacceptable manner, feel free to come and talk confidentially about your problems with me. The best way to contact me is by email gayr@eit.ac.nz or you can book an appointment at Reception in the C Block.




Harley Benton

Kia ora,  I am Harley Benton and I work at EIT in the Trades section as an Electrical Tutor. I have been teaching here since 2010 and during this time have helped students experiencing different problems. I am also an Officer with the New Zealand Cadet Forces at the City of Napier Cadet Corp Unit where I deal with 13 – 19 year olds with life skill issues.

If you feel you are being harassed or bullied (this may include all forms of cyber bullying – txt, email, Facebook etc) and it is affecting your time here at EIT, please feel free to contact me and together we will try to resolve the issues so that you enjoy your time here.

You can contact me (email hbenton@eit.ac.nz or phone 9748000 ext 5841) for a confidential chat. Or call in at the Trades reception and ask to speak to me – Lynne or Claire will find me.


Lesley Blair

Greetings my name is Les Blair and I am a lecturer within the School of Health and Sport Science. Harassment is an important issue which we need to be aware of. My role will be to provide you with appropriate advice and support, in a confidential manner.
I can be contacted either by email, lblair@eit.ac.nz or by phone, extension 5408.





CraiCraigMcDonaldg McDonald

My name is Craig McDonald and I am the Timetable Coordinator for EIT. In my role I work with all areas of EIT, staff and students, academic and administration. This has allowed me to get to know people right across the institution and see the issues that affect us all. I know the need for support and for being able to have someone to talk to about problems you have. I can be contacted on ext 6011, email cmcdonald@eit.ac.nz or at my office 










Hazel Tidman

Kia ora I am the Team Leader Library and Learning Support. It is important that as a student or staff member you feel comfortable and safe while at EIT. If you experience any behaviour that is intimidating or unwelcome you can talk to one of the harassment contact team confidentially about your concerns. To contact me you can ask for me in the library, email htidman@eit.ac.nz or ring my ext. 7855.







Philipa Huberts

Hello, I am a programme secretary with the School of Primary Industries and based at the Rural Studies Unit in Stout St, Tairawhiti Campus.  I believe it is important that all people feel safe in their work or study environment.  There can be a variety of things that could be unsettling in the work/study place and it’s good to be able to talk with others in confidence about any issue you may face. I can be contacted at phuberts@eit.ac.nz or my extn number is 7600.





Sean Murphy

Hi my name is Sean Murphy and I’m an Automotive Tutor 

on the Tairawhiti Campus and have been part of the teaching team in the Trades department since 2013.

I believe that everyone has the right to study at the EIT without any barriers being put in their way such as bullying or any harassing behaviour to another person, with this in mind if you need someone to talk to in confidence, you can contact me either by phone 8690810 ext 7734 or e-mail smurphy@eit.ac.nz.