Industry Projects

In the final year of the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science programme students work with Industry to make a meaningful contribution to the organisation. Here are some of their projects.

Industry Project: Whakawatea

Whakawatea, which may refer to the closing song, is an apt title for the Industry Project in the Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science programme. Completed by all students in the final year of the degree, this course gives students an opportunity to negotiate a 150-hour practicum experience aligned with the student’s academic and professional interests within the sport, recreation and health industry. Each student initiates, negotiates, develops, refines, implements, and ultimately reports upon a comprehensive project of benefit to their host organisation. Therefore the ‘co-op’ becomes a three-way venture between the student, a sport, recreation or health organisation and an academic supervisor.

Each year the students become involved with numerous organisations, and the contribution to the community is a credit to the students, the hosting organisations and EIT.

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