Community Health

EIT’s Centre for Health and Wellness Research aims to advance health knowledge, clinical practice, health management and health education through high quality research. The Centre also creates opportunity to foster collaborative health research and create links between EIT and research partners.

One Welfare (Professor Natalie Waran)

‘One Welfare’ covers a range of research and education topics including; Links between animal and human abuse (First Strike), the benefits of pet ownership for early childhood development, animal use in human therapy, animal welfare standards and food safety, human livelihoods and the welfare of working animals, animal welfare and antibiotic resistance and many more.

Cultural competency

Cultural competence is defined as the ability of practitioners, providers and organisations to effectively deliver health care and services that meet the social and cultural needs of patients.

Patient-centred research: Home Away from Home

Associate Professor Rachael Walker runs the patient-centred research project that examines services from the patients’ perspective, in this case kidney dialysis in community houses.

Healthy Communities


Healthy communities are at the heart of EIT’s research. A holistic approach to community health recognises physical, spiritual, mental, family, social, and environmental well-being as important interrelated determinants of human health. Health community’s research, therefore, requires an inter-disciplinary approach with a sharing of knowledge, expertise and perspectives. 


High-Performance Sport

The Exercise Science Group is a collaborative group with research interests focusing on the role physical activity and exercise plays in maintaining and enhancing human performance and health. Members within the group have a broad range of research interests, including the monitoring and enhancement of sport performance, maximising human energy metabolism and injury prevention and rehabilitation.


Havelock North water supply contamination

Dr Anita Jagroop-Dearing is a senior academic at EIT, International Postgraduate Programme Coordinator in Health Science and Nursing and Chair of the Health Research Committee.

PATU TM Community Gyms

PATU TM is a health and fitness programme developed by and for Māori. When Levi Armstrong graduated with a Bachelor of Sport and Recreation from EIT, he recognised the need for Māori specific-interventions to help improve physical activity levels and health outcomes for Ngāti Kahungunu. In response he created PATU© , a group exercise initiative that targets physical inactivity and sedentary behaviours associated with obesity by combining a high intensity fitness regime and healthy lifestyle education with te reo me ōna tikanga Māori.