Innovative Education

Innovative learning environments

A common theme in Emily Nelson’s research over the years is the educator/learner dynamic and ways to improve that relationship for better outcomes in the classroom.

Emily is the programme co-ordinator for the Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) at EIT and sees research as an important tool to discover innovative learning and teaching methods.


Māori student engagement

Poipoia te kākano kia puawai

Nurture the seed and it will blossom

International students

Dr Pii-Tuulia Nikula is a senior lecturer at EIT’s School of Business and her research focus over the past few years has been international education. With about 100,000 students from all over the world enrolled in New Zealand institutions, Pii-Tuulia has looked at the ethical behaviour of participants in this booming industry.

One particular focus of her research is using business and management theories to better monitor and utilise offshore commercial third parties used by local education providers to recruit students.