Integrating Sustainability across EIT

The push to integrate sustainable activities across EIT – in practice, teaching research and relationships – is being led by Professor Natalie Waran, the Executive Dean for the Faculty of Education, Humanities and Health Science and Chair of One Welfare along with Jo Blakeley, Director of Academic and Student Services.

The One Welfare project at EIT is interdisciplinary, breaking down traditional silos, provoking debate and discussion to provide new approaches and ways of thinking that will contribute to the development of a healthy, productive and sustainable region.

Natalie says: “We see this as an exciting opportunity for creating new knowledge and new thinking, where, when many different disciplines share a space, they will discover inter-disciplinary possibilities – and that’s when the magic happens.

 “We will also look to enhance awareness of sustainability and eco-intelligence at EIT through embedding this as a component of programme design and delivery (existing and new), institute operation, key research initiatives, partnerships and community/business engagement.

“This goes further than what you do with your waste and is not just about green spaces, but is about being a sustainable business, being a sustainable student.“