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1 year


Level 5

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This programme will have “real life” opportunities with projects from the community and industry.  It will introduce students to the bigger picture of the fashion industry and how it operates both locally and globally. This is a newly developed programme after consultation with the New Zealand fashion industry.

Graduates will be capable of self-managing design projects to completion by applying technical skills and processes within briefs and will have the conceptual and practical skills that reflect current fashion design industry practices.


Starts February.





International entry requirements

Career Opportunities & Outcomes

You will gain a broad introduction and understanding of the different aspects of the apparel industry which will prepare you for employment or to go on to further study. Possible jobs and career opportunities can include:

  •  Pattern making for a major fashion company
  •  Fashion Designer
  •  Fashion illustrator
  •  Independent Clothing Designer and Manufacturer
  •  Machinist for clothing manufacturer
  •  Fashion Retail Assistant
  •  Assistant to fashion designers
  •  Product Manager for a fashion clothing company


The NZ Diploma in Fashion [Level 5] is a one year (34 week) project based programme is designed for people wanting to gain technical skills and knowledge required to work in the fashion design industry. Students will:

  • Produce an individual E-portfolio to document their research and progress
  • Develop skills to produce and manipulate pattern blocks and toiles
  • Create fashion products to industry standards, after having prepared the specifications and planned the construction
  • Prepare a self-development plan to determine employment options

Industry based training

Students will attend a field trip visiting the local fashion Industry.

Project 6 (FDIP 5.06), provides students with the opportunity of working with an external client for creation of unique products to Aotearoa New Zealand.

A portion of the programme involves students organising, planning and presenting a fashion collection in a Fashion Showcase.