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Level 5

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Do you want a career in the music industry?

During this diploma you will be developing your practical skills in performance, composition, songwriting and audio production.
Individual and group projects will prepare you for a diverse and exciting career in the music industry.

With your diploma completed successfully you can continue on to the second year of the Bachelor of Creative Practice.

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This one year (34-week) project based programme studies popular music with an emphasis on advanced performance practice, composition and audio engineering. The practical component will be underpinned by a sound theoretical knowledge of contemporary music.

What you will learn:

  • Incorporating Ableton Live and other software into performance.
  • Advanced performance and recording methods specific to your instrument.
  • Multi-tracking and live recording in a professional studio environment.
  • Audio engineering and editing in Pro Tools and other software.
  • Writing and arranging music for small to large bands.
  • Finding out which funding bodies apply to you and creating usable grant/scholarship applications.
  • The ins and outs of writing music professionally.
  • Utilising social media and other online platforms to boost your professional profile and market your events.
  • Collaboration with Screen Production, Fashion and Visual Arts learners.

Your future career and study opportunities

You will gain a broad introduction and understanding of the different aspects of the industry which will prepare you for employment or to go on to further study at diploma or degree level. Possible jobs and career opportunities can include:

  • Music performer
  • Music producer
  • Commercial composer
  • Session musician
  • Specialist instrument tutor
  • Assistant recording engineer
  • Assistant performance engineer

Continue your study pathway with the Bachelor of Creative Practice followed by the Bachelor of Professional Creative Practice (Honours) degree or a Masters degree available across the Te Pūkenga network.


There is one entry date per year:

  • February


Entry requirements

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