Scholarship Help

How to find scholarships

  • Do a web search
  • search the EIT Scholarship page
  • Call into EIT and see our Liaison or the Pouwhirinaki Services Team.
  • Check your Iwi’s website
  • Check the GivME database- an extensive database of funding within New Zealand, access with your logon through the EIT Library for free access:
  • Check the following websites:
  • Careers NZ –
  • Maori Education Trust
  • Pacific Peoples Scholarships –
  • Money hub – regional scholarships
  • Money hub – Maori and Pacifica scholarships



Selecting a scholarship

  • Are you eligible?
  • Is the scholarship still open?
  • Does the scholarship fit your skills, personal attributes and study/research interests?
  • Is there a minimum academic requirement required?
  • Does the scholarship require demonstrated financial need?



You can apply for as many scholarships as you like.

If you are offered more than one scholarship, you will need to check with the individual scholarship regulations to see if you can hold the scholarships at the same time.

If you are offered two scholarships that both pay your fees or a contribution to fees, you will have to decide which scholarship to accept.

If one scholarship is for fee payment and the other(s) are for living costs or travel you can often hold these together.

Applying for scholarships

Read the eligibility criteria and conditions for your selected scholarship carefully before applying.

Application forms vary so make sure you have included all the information required.

You will be asked to sign a declaration stating that the information you have provided is correct.


Application  Checklist:

Have you included all the information asked for?

Is your contact information correct?

Are there any spelling or grammatical errors? What about grammatical errors?

Is it formatted correctly?

Have you applied for the course?

Have you read and signed the declaration?


Certifying and submitting official documents

If you are asked to submit official documents such as a copy of your birth certificate do not provide original documents. You will need to submit certified copies instead.

To certify a document, bring the original document to EIT and show it to Student Hub staff, faculty administration staff or Liaison staff – we can photocopy and verify it for you.

You can also get copies verified by a Justice of the Peace, or if you are at school by your principal or careers advisor.



Write a CV and then keep it up to date.

Your CV should include all important information such as dates, academic history, a summary of your work experience and your extracurricular activities and interests.


Don’t forget your extracurricular activities


For some scholarships, academics will be important but scholarship committees may take into consideration all the other achievements. Some may be equally interested in your extracurricular activities.

Ask yourself:

Are you involved in the community?

Have you volunteered your time to assist others?

What jobs have you had?

Have you published anything or worked on projects?

What are your goals?

Involvement in other activities shows an ability to manage your time and a willingness to become involved.

Many scholarship committees are interested in awarding to students they consider well-rounded and who demonstrate leadership qualities.



Many scholarship applications will ask you to submit a referee report or reference as part of your application. Referees must submit confidential reference statements directly to the faculty or the Scholarship contact with your name, student ID number and name of the scholarship clearly marked.

You may be asked for different types of references.

These can include:

  • an academic reference that testifies to your qualifications and abilities as a student
  • a community reference which testifies to you attributes and attitude in extra-curricular
  • activities, volunteer/professional work, or your community (eg. church and school
  • communities)
  • or a reference that mentions your personal attributes.

Reference reports are confidential to the referee.


Arrange your references early

Ask key people now if they are available to provide you with written references or to act as your referee. Let your referee know of the closing date.


Personal statements and Cover letters

Write a personal statement detailing your goals, steps you have already taken towards getting there, and your future career plans.

You can also include any other information you wish to provide in support of your application.

Read the eligibility criteria carefully to understand what the reviewers are looking for and tailor the letter to match with those criteria.


Include as much information about your studies and experiences as possible.


You should also discuss:

  • what makes you passionate about your course,
  • any research you have been involved in,
  • any experience you have in that industry (including work experience, volunteer work)
  • any experience you gained while at school – gateway, trades academy, STAR and tasters
  • involvement you have in the community, ie church, voluntary work,
  • organisations you are involved with outside of your studies,
  • and any additional involvement you have at your current workplace, school or EIT assisting others.

Submitting your application

Please ensure your application in full is submitted by the scholarship closing date. Incomplete applications in most cases will not be accepted.

You can submit you application in person, by post or by email.

Check the scholarship details for how to submit.

If for any reason, you cannot submit the full application of a scholarship managed by EIT before the closing date, please contact the scholarship contact or EIT marketing team to discuss your situation.

How scholarships are awarded

Your scholarship application will be submitted to a panel who will consider all applications submitted. Once the scholarship contact or EIT marketing team are notified of the final decision, all applicants will be notified of the outcome. Each scholarship has different processes and turn-around times please contact the EIT marketing team or the scholarship contact for specific details.

Paying your fees

Scholarship for fees should show on your invoice.

If it doesn’t show on your invoice, please come into or contact the registry office immediately so that your fees can be paid.

However, most scholarships do not cover full fees.

You may have other fees, like the Student Services Levy or course-related costs relating to your course that are payable by you.


Have a look at your scholarships regulations to find out what your scholarship covers. You will need to pay for any amount not covered by your scholarship.

You may want to look at StudyLink for a student loan or you can pay the outstanding fees at the Information Centre cashier desk on campus. There may be flexible payment options available.

Deferring your EIT scholarship

Scholarship are awarded for a specific period. If you can no longer study when the scholarship states, you will need to apply to the Scholarship contact or EIT Marketing team to defer your programme of study.

Deferring your scholarship will only be approved under exceptional circumstances.

Approval of deferment of your scholarship is not approval to defer your academic studies. If you wish to defer your studies, you must seek approval from the faculty. You may elect to request permission to defer your scholarship as a consequence of deferring your studies.

You must provide supporting documentation (i.e. medical certificate, letter of support from organisation, confirmation of what you are going to be doing in your semester or year of deferment and confirmation from your faculty that your leave of absence has been approved).

Your application for deferment and supporting documents will be forwarded for approval to the scholarship contact or the EIT marketing team.

You can only defer a scholarship once and for a maximum of one year. Note: It is important to send your request to the scholarship contact or the EIT marketing team as soon as possible.

Once you have found scholarships that fit you, if you need assistance with your application for a scholarship please contact the EIT Liaison Team