Wellesley Binding

Lecturer - Art


06 830 1896 Extension: 6896

Areas of Teaching

2D Image (painting), Visual Communication


Master of Fine Arts (hons), Graduate Diploma of Fine Arts


I emigrated from Australia in 1974 and have been working as an established artist, widely exhibited and represented in public and private collections. My painting explores the theme of a contemporary corporatized landscape and its relationship to 19th Century colonial romantic/topographical and modernist representations of the NZ landscape. My approach focuses on the way landscape depictions are formulations of prior intentions for landscape, through an alien, acquisitive eye. My research explores the conceptual antagonism between registering the effect of corporate ethos on landscape and utilizing corporate models of depiction of landscape. The research goal is an ironic synthesis of the two.

Key lines of investigation include the use of an over-populated, busy at ‘something’ landscape to critique the ‘un-peopled’ landscape representations of NZ painting. I explore the use of visual tropes of romantic landscape painting used against romanticism, in a suburban setting, where the protagonists are re-staging the romantic as part of a corporate branding-appropriation of landscape. My investigation involves the image and space of this landscape and its reformulation by the exploitative forces of capitalism. The significance of this research lies in its opening up of a neo-colonial dialogue surrounding contemporary NZ identity and a re-visioning by the globalizing corporate eye.

My painting process explores the relation between thematic content and sequencing. An idyllic landscape is formed with figures literally invading the space. I experiment with a range of surfaces and dimensions including tondos and rectangles. My use of colour references and explores signs within the dark NZ landscape formula. I investigate the use of light in terms of virtual illumination suggestive of corporate space and surface evident in items such as laptops and cell phones. I also explore acrylics and traditional painting techniques to mirror and create a fictional tradition that resembles conventional formats.

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