Julie Whyte

Teacher Educator, Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)


06 830 1569 Extension: 5469

Areas of Teaching

Bachelor of Teaching (Primary)


BEd (Tchg) Primary, MEd (SpecEd) (1st Class Hons.)


During my time as a teacher in the primary sector, I enjoyed working alongside students from New Entrants through to Year Eight to assist in creative, critical, and compassionate development.  Teaching in the tertiary sector was prompted by a concern about the negative attitudes held by many about mathematics, as well as an interest in assisting with the growth of upcoming teachers who are motivated to support the younger members in our society to develop intellectually, socially, emotionally, and physically.

At this time, my research interest combines both maths and special education, as I am concerned with maths anxiety and the negative attitudes held about maths and the impact this has on individuals.  I’m interested in strategies to assist with the reduction of this anxiety and these negative attitudes, so students view and utilise maths in a more positive manner.

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