NZ Certificate in Apiculture [Level 3]*

PLEASE NOTE: A new version of this programme is coming soon. This programme is currently being unified with others across Te Pūkenga to provide one programme that is portable, consistent, and more closely aligned with the needs of industry. This is a good thing but does mean that there will be some changes to the information below. Enquire at to receive the latest updates on the new programme.

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Develop your interest and career potential in the beekeeping sector by enrolling in the NZ Certificate in Apiculture [Level 3].

This programme will develop your skills in hive management, control methods for bee pests and diseases, effects of control methods on bee products, hive site selection and onsite positioning, construction and repair of hives, bee lifecycle and behaviour, bee nutrition and feeding, bee fodder crops, including toxic plant risk, requeening hives, swarm control, wintering bees, honey harvesting and extraction.


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If you have ever wanted to have your own beehive or are working or intending to work in the apiculture industry on a small scale (as a lifestyle option or part-time business opportunity) or are assisting in a commercial beekeeping operation then this programme is for you.

Once you successfully complete the programme you will own your own beehive and be able to work under limited supervision in a commercial beekeeping operation or independently in a small scale operation.

You will also be able to:

  • Maintain, manipulate and operate beehives to produce quality products and pollination services.
  • Assist to transport beehives and bee products and establish hives in new sites.
  • Carry out a beehive disease management plan.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify the regulations and safety requirements for beekeeping in New Zealand.
  • Identify and explain the biological and behavioural aspects of honeybees in relation to plant biology and pollination.
  • Identify and use personal protection equipment, beekeeping tools, and ancillaries.
  • Construct and repair a beehive.
  • Install, inspect and maintain hives throughout the seasons.
  • Explain and demonstrate feeding management and maintenance requirements for bee colonies.
  • Remove supers and extract honey.
  • Assist transporting and establishing hives and bee products.
  • Identify and explain the signs and symptoms of an ill colony.
  • Explain the symptoms and lifecycles of common diseases and disorders.
  • Provide recommendations to manage disease, pest and disorders identified during inspection testing.
  • Describe methods and procedures used for integrated pest management (IPM) control.
  • Identify and explain disease and pest chemical controls and their hazards.
  • Explain and demonstrate the procedures utilised in the disinfection of hives, personal equipment and elimination of hives.


There is one entry date per year:

  • August 

Your Future Career & Study Opportunities

This qualification is an entry point for apiculture training and may lead onto the NZ Certificate in Apiculture [Level 4] or the NZ Certificate in Apiculture (Queen Bee Rearing) [Level 4].

A graduate of this certificate can work as an assistant beekeeper for a commercial operator or as an independent beekeeper with a small number of beehives.


Entry Requirements

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