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NZ Diploma in Horticulture Production (Fruit Production) [Level 5]

Study Options



2 years


Level 5

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The New Zealand Diploma in Horticulture Production (Fruit Production) [Level 5] has been developed with industry to provide specialist technical skills and knowledge in the fruit production sector.

You will be given access to a range of resources and industry experts during the programme that will enhance your understanding and build on skills you may already have.

Career Opportunities & Outcomes

Possible jobs and career opportunities can include:

  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager
  • Advisor

This qualification may build on the New Zealand Certificate in Horticulture Production (Fruit Production) [Level 4], and may lead on to the NZ Diploma Horticulture Production [Level 6].


Flexible start dates


Entry requirements


As a graduate of the New Zealand Diploma in Horticulture Production (Fruit Production) [Level 5] you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate the leadership and relationship management with team members and clients using a range of effective interpersonal skills relevant to the post-harvest sector.
  • Plan and manage fruit production tasks to achieve production goals and standards.
  • Plan and manage a fruit crop protection programme to meet production goals and quality.


  • Leadership Qualities
  • Labour Management
  • Physical Resource Management
  • The Safe Horticultural Business
  • Horticulture Business Skills
  • Crop Production
  • Crop Protection
  • Horticulture Research Topic

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