Master of Applied Management, Postgraduate Diploma and Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management

Study Options

Full-time, Part-time


6 months - 6 years


Level 8-9

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Real Life, Real Learning, Real Business

This qualification is designed to apply an advanced and discursive body of knowledge to your applied management knowledge and gives you the skills to keep current.

This Applied Management qualification combines a masters, postgraduate diploma and a postgraduate certificate into a flexible or multi-layered programme designed to extend, deepen, and consolidate your future at the forefront of business and management.

You’ll gain specialised business knowledge and skills while building on existing qualifications and experience, resulting in a sophisticated understanding, professional competence and leadership skills in modern business and management.

The programme will further develop your critical thinking skills and ability to lead and influence businesses and organisations for a future of commercial, community, and environmental sustainability.

It’s our business to help you study, so flexible options mean you’ll be able to study full or part-time toward this qualification, as you work around other commitments such as your current employment and family.

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Master of Applied Management

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management

Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management


Entry Requirements

International Entry Requirements

Career Opportunities and Outcomes

The Master of Applied Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Management, and the Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Management qualifications enable graduates to develop and/or manage a business, or pursue domestic and/or international professional careers within different types of industries and agencies. These can include the following areas:

  • Domestic and international markets
  • Financial and cost management
  • Managing people and businesses
  • Understand different cultures and how to do business in a multi-cultural environment
  • Strategic planning and strategic management
  • Corporate planning
  • Managing and controlling different types of technology
  • Innovation and entrepreneurialism
  • Consultancy
  • Product and services marketing
  • Operations and business in the global world
  • Sustainable business
  • Research in industry and business
  • Business analytics


There are four entry dates per year:

  • February
  • May
  • July
  • October

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EIT offers a variety of scholarships across various subjects and programme levels.  Some scholarships are based on your age, some are specific to the subject you want to study.  Not all scholarships are based on your academic ability and anyone wanting to study should investigate what scholarships are available to them.  

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