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EIT researcher contributes chapter to new book on green smart technology for cancer data

August 4, 2022

Dr Noor Alani has had his research published in a chapter in a new book.

A lecturer and researcher in EIT’s School of Computing has contributed a chapter to a new book examining green smart technology to improve cancer data feature awareness.

Dr Noor Alani, who is a Senior Academic Staff Member at EIT, says he was invited to write a chapter of a book being written by a former colleague, Md Rajib Hasan, an IT expert working at BICC Cyber Security and IT Solution in Auckland. The research results were verified by Dr Rashedul Hasan from SUNY Upstate Medical University in the United States. The book is entitled Machine Learning for Green Smart Health Toward Improving Cancer Data Feature Awareness.

 Noor says the book, which is targeted at researchers and educators interested in data analysis, is aimed at increasing the awareness of applying green smart health techniques to improving cancer data features. The book is published by one of the world’s leading research publishers, Springer and is Scopus indexed – a sciences and healthcare database.

The book looks at the effects radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients have on the environment.

“These are considered life-saving treatments for cancer patients, but while they are not always successful, drugs used in cancer treatment can affect the ecosystem through altered fertility and increased genetic defects,” says Noor.

“This book looks at how, for a safer greener world, we can rely on machine learning technology to diagnose cancer in early stages. Not only does this help patients with an early diagnosis, but it also helps the environment.”

Noor says the research he did for his chapter was to find an optimised ensemble learning algorithm that can best applied to high dimension medical data, thus minimising the dependency on data pre-processing techniques.

EIT’s Research Director Associate Professor Jonathan Sibley congratulated Dr Alani on the book chapter.

“This is another wonderful example of the applied research being done by researchers at EIT and Te Pūkenga.”