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Year 13 scholarship winner says social work a hard job but a good one

March 11, 2022

When Larissa Hill, who is enrolled in the first year of a Bachelor of Social Work degree at EIT, knows that being a social worker will be a hard job, but she sees it as a good career.

The former Taradale High School student, who turned eighteen recently, says that even though it is early days, she is loving the programme and looking forward to her career.

“It’s a tough one to have chosen, but I’m a real people person and I enjoy seeing people go from having a bad day to a good day. And if I can do that for someone then I will be happy.”

The Year 13 Scholarship covers one year of tuition fees including any course related costs which have been approved to be included as part of the scholarship.

Currently the Government Fees Free policy covers the fees for their first year of study and this scholarship could cover the student’s second year of study. This could mean two years of their degree are fees free.

Larissa says she was first told about the Scholarship by Andrea Sims, the Head of Careers at Taradale High School, last year..

“She said it was the perfect opportunity for me to get my second year free, because the government gives you your first year free. And then she just kept encouraging me until I went for it and got it.”

Larissa says she has a few years to decide but she sees herself either working with children or in hospitals.

But for the moment she is thankful for the way things have worked out.

“I’ve lived in Taradale my whole life. I went to Taradale Primary, Taradale Intermediate and Taradale High School, so what better way to finish it off with going EIT as well. It worked out really well and the scholarship has really helped, for sure.”

One thing is certain, Larissa sees her calling as a social worker.

“I think there are a few issues with child welfare in New Zealand and I believe that I, along with the people in my class, can all make a positive change for the future. “

“It may not be the best hours and there will be some tough times, but I know that it will be rewarding at the end of the day,” she says.

Glen Harkness, EIT’s Executive Director, Strategic Projects and Partnerships, says EIT has a wide range of degree programmes.

“We are excited each year to be able to help learners pursue their passion and set them on their journey towards a degree that will be a steppingstone into the workforce.”