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Grundy Productions wins EIT sponsored Small Business Award

November 19, 2019

Faculty of Commerce and Technology Dean, Fred Koenders (l) congratulated Nicky and Kane Grundy (r) on receiving this year’s Small Business Award sponsored by EIT.

EIT was the sponsor of the Small Business Award won by Nicky and Kane Grundy from Grundy Productions at this year’s Pan Pac Hawke’s Bay Business Awards.

Nicky and Kane Grundy launched their business four and a half years ago. “We started the business from our lounge, with just a passion for business and film and a second hand camera. It has been quite a jo

urney,” Nicky says.

“The award means so much to us. It has always been a strategic goal to enter the compet

ition but up to this year we haven’t been quite ready for it.”

Nicky says, that the recognition will enable them to continue to work with like-minded quality clients. “For us it’s not about quantity but about working with the best Hawke’s Bay businesses.”

EIT has been a long-standing award sponsor. “The awards are a brilliant way of recognising the achievement of our local businesses that have such a positive impact on Hawke’s Bay communities,” says EIT Executive Director – Marketing Brenda Chapman.

“Business communities and EIT are intertwined and mutually dependent. Local businesses are giving EIT interns the opportunity to get valuable work experience and ensure that their learning is relevant to their future careers. Small enterprises in particular support our students and hire graduates.”

Next year Grundy Productions will take on a screen production intern from EIT’s IDEAschool. “We are looking forward to working with a student from EIT. It’s a great way to give back to our community,” says Nicky.