Pursuing a dream career

June 19, 2018

TANZ eCampus Learner Natalie Nairn

In life we are blessed with the opportunity to constantly enrich our minds through learning. Everyone deserves the opportunity to fulfil their academic and professional potential without barriers to entry.

TANZ eCampus student Natalie Nairn has a story that speaks to the great adventure of education. She explains that she is currently pursuing her professional aspirations thanks to having flexible, cost-effective, online education at her fingertips – quite literally.

“The highest level of education I had before achieving my Level 3 New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) was NCEA Level Two. I’m about to start my Level 4 Certificate, which is all being done through Otago Polytechnic via the TANZ eCampus online learning platform.”

Juggling a 17-month-old, five year old and a part-time evening job, Natalie credits her ability to thrive due to the programme’s easy to navigate nature, access to lots of support, and a flexible study arrangement.

“This type of learning teaches time management skills and requires good self-motivation. These are important disciplines and things I have been able to work on.

“To work effectively through online learning, it is about dedicating set times to study and assessments, and drawing on the support of the people you may have around you so they can help share in meeting the other responsibilities you have in your life. In my case this is my husband who is really supportive of my study and helps out with our children.”

Happy to have found an education that is not cost prohibitive and can be done from home around a very busy schedule, Natalie says her eye is firmly set on the end goal, which she is particularly excited about.

“As a stay at home mum, I love the fact I don’t need to leave the house to learn and complete this qualification – this is one of the best things about it. The ultimate goal for me is to be able to graduate with my qualification and find a role in the industry – this role would ideally be as a receptionist or in administration to start with, before moving up to personal assistant level.

“I am working towards securing a career where I can enjoy the benefits of good hours and pay with a healthy level of challenge involved so I can apply the skills and knowledge learnt through my education.”