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Teaching is the Perfect Fit for Kimberley

April 5, 2017

Photo supplied by Gisborne Herald

Moving from working as a piercing artist, to teaching, seems like an unlikely career change, but for one EIT Tairāwhiti student the transition was an easy decision. Kimberley Siriett, 23, had been working as a piercing artist for three years when she decided to train as a teacher through EIT’s Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) programme. #eittairawhiti

Although she was a reluctant student herself, she is finding on her teaching placement at Central School that she enjoys the community environment primary schools now offer. “It has changed a surprising amount since I was there. Central School is a really great school too.”Kimberley is in her second year of study and says she has enjoyed learning at EIT.

“I wanted to be more fulfilled and I knew I did not want to sit at a desk all day and stare at a computer. I wanted to do something different and make an impact.” Teaching is the perfect fit.

“Nowadays primary school is a lot more about building positive relationships and good habits that kids can use for the rest of their lives,” says Kimberley. “It is a lot about self-improvement too. I do not remember there being much of that when I was at school, things like positive behaviour and respect for others.

It feels more open too, an environment where kids can share their feelings more.” Shy as a child, Kimberley can see that what she is learning now would have helped her at primary school.

“I would go and hide sometimes. School was an uncomfortable place for me, so I would like to make it comfortable for my students.”

Studying locally at EIT also allows Kimberley to live at home. “It is great being able to live with my

mum, it makes everything a lot easier financially.” Kimberley plans to stay in Gisborne once she finishes her degree, then work for two years to complete her teacher registration.

“I would like to take some literature papers too and perhaps specialise in leading literacy programmes in schools.” courtesy of the Gisborne Herald