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What’s the Difference Between EIT and a University?

May 12, 2016

For those with no formal qualifications or who have been away from study for a while, EIT’s entry level certificates mean you have a unique opportunity to progress further into higher level programmes, and eventually degrees if you want. Or you can go straight into an entry level job position in the first step to a new career.

EIT also offers vocational study that is tailored to the regions specific requirements, meaning you are qualified and work-ready to get in-demand jobs in Hawke’s Bay.

You no longer have to leave home to get a recognised degree as EIT degrees (called ‘Bachelors’) are absolutely equal to those offered at New Zealand universities. In fact, research shows that EIT graduates are viewed by local employers to be as good as graduates from anywhere else*.

EIT’s postgraduate programmes mean you don’t have to travel and miss out on work or family to further your career.

Troy, V. (2013). EIT 2013 Community and Stakeholder Brand Survey. Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand: SIL Research.