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EIT Hawkes Bay U17 Netball team update

July 16, 2014

TiaraThe Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT) Hawkes Bay U17 Netball team started with a win against South Canterbury taking the game 38 – 18.  A clinical performance saw EIT Hawkes Bay take the lead from the outset and not look back.  Defensive pressure throughout the court saw turnovers converted into shooting opportunities with Reegan Brown providing great ball service to Kelsey McPhee who slotted goals with ease.  Captain Molly Deighton set the standard for the rest of team to follow, working tirelessly.   Yahaira Williams providing relentless defensive pressure that saw intercepts throughout the court and strong work from feeders Kimiora Poi and Chanay Peri meant that shooter gained stress free ball.

Kane Makea, assistant coach, stated “There were flashes of brilliance and polish that never allowed South Canterbury to settle into their game plan”

Tough work however was made of Horowhenua in the second game of the day.  The EIT Hawkes Bay never fully got into a rhythm on attack.  The circle defensive combination of Demi Forshaw and Olivia Macaulay continued to frustrate the feeders and shooters all game however turn over ball was frequently offered back to the opposition with poor passing options.  An injection in the third quarter of goal shooter Tiara Crichton, due to injury to Kelsey McPhee, provided a change in the structure of the shooting circle to be up by 5 at the third quarter break.

A tense final quarter with the ball ping ponging from end to end saw the Hawkes Bay team hold on to win 32-30.  “While the performance wasn’t without fault the defensive pressure throughout the court was outstanding” states coach Lee-Anne Taylor.  “Having the ability to use all team players within the game shows the depth that we have”

The team will now go into cross over games playing for positions 17-32 potentially playing either North Harbour 2 or Kapiti early Wednesday morning.