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EIT Nursing Students Mobilise to Help Earthquake Victims

March 15, 2011

Fundraisers extraordinaire – Sophie Pimborough (left) and Jaime White.

Touched by the plight of those affected by the Christchurch earthquake, EIT Bachelor of Nursing student Jaime White very much wanted to do something to help.

And that’s just what she did.  Jaime was joined by three other nursing students – Sophie Pimborough,  Donelle Brown and Jalea Thompson – walking around campus at lunchtimes collecting for those suffering in the aftermath of the ‘quake.

The efforts of the four didn’t go unnoticed.  People were soon seeking them out to put money into their collection buckets.    

The money raised was pooled with that donated by students and staff gathered for two minutes’ silence on The Oval – the heart of the campus providing an appropriate spot for EIT students and staff to pay their respects to the people caught up in the natural disaster.

The total raised, $2145.20, was forwarded to Red Cross – together with food and supplies donated by staff and others at EIT.