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International Students Add Colour to EIT Graduation

April 26, 2010

International graduates were strongly represented at last week’s EIT Hawke’s Bay capping ceremony, making up about a tenth of those conferred with diploma, degree and postgraduate qualifications.

Last year, 67 students from overseas countries completed programmes at EIT.  Of these, 44 were presented with their qualifications at the traditional and formal graduation ceremony held at the Hawke’s Bay Opera House in Hastings on Friday, 26 March.

The high percentage of international graduates is a reflection of EIT’s increasingly culturally diverse student body.
International Centre manager Chris Wright says EIT enrolled 410 international students from 36 countries last year.  With 153 students, India accounted for the largest number by country.  This was followed by the Republic of Korea (43 students), China (31), Japan (29), United Kingdom (23), Singapore (21), Saudi Arabia (21) and Thailand (15).

Other countries making a good showing in the statistics were the Philippines, Vietnam, Fiji, France, Germany, Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos.

Among the far-flung nations represented were Egypt, Kenya, Mexico, Mongolia, the Russia Federation, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

Ms Wright said international students benefitted Hawke’s Bay as well as EIT, helping boost the regional economy while enriching the community and campus with their cultural diversity.

“Rubbing shoulders with students from overseas cannot help but broaden the horizons of domestic students who attend EIT.”