Dr Bridget Sutherland

Lecturer - Visual Arts Theory / Design / Moving Image


06 830 1149

Areas of Teaching

Art History, Film


PhD (FA), MA (Honours), BA


My practice includes painting, experimental film and documentary making. Current research is focused on issues of animal sentience and climate change and ways that creative practice can communicate ecological consciousness. My interest in environmental and critical animal studies includes film and media analysis and I am presently involved in a film project looking at industrial agriculture.

Other film projects have involved exploring the creative practice of artists such as Anish Kapoor and the renowned songwriter David Kilgour. At present I am working on an extended project with the composer Martin Lodge, involving both his work with Taonga Puoro and the documentation of a concerto for viola.

Recent experimental film projects include Miners, based on a poem by Wilfred Owen which screened as part of Word and Deed, a group exhibition about the First World War. The destruction of the environment and treatment of animals through World War 1 was seminal to this research, specifically the ways in which this history connects to the present and the ongoing war against nature in the name of economic and industrial progress. ‘Twelve Hours of Daylight’ was a short abstract film using the poems of Len Lye and William Blake again involving painting directly onto 16 and 35mm film stock and exploring ecological content.

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