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NZ Diploma in Cookery (Advanced) [Level 5] – Managed Traineeship

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1 year


Level 5

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Do you have a flair for chefing?

Are you currently working in a commercial kitchen and ready to move to the next level with a NZ Diploma in Cookery (Advanced) qualification?

Gain your Level 5 qualification whilst working in this vibrant industry.

This In-Work Programme allows you to continue to work and earn whilst having access to all the EIT | Te Pūkenga amenities and support during your one year study period. You will achieve the NZQA approved NZ Diploma in Cookery (Level 5) (Advanced) combining real world experience in the work place whilst gaining knowledge, skills and techniques.

NOTE: You will be required to cook with and consume all types of meat. If you are vegetarian, or have a specialised diet, please talk to us before applying.


The programme is delivered part-time over one year to trainees employed in the workplace. Trainees will be required to attend one six-hour lesson per week over one year.

These will be primarily based around preparing you for “learning how to learn” and completing verification audits of you meeting the course learning outcomes. The workshops will be based on three separate areas. These areas are:

  • Learning to Date
    An assessment of what learning has occurred to date and how does that meet the learning outcomes of the course/s.
  • Future Learning
    The preparation of the learner with the skills and tools for their next element of workplace learning.
  • Bespoke Learning
    The delivery or facilitation of bespoke learning which cannot be meet within the workplace context.

NOTE: It is envisioned that there will be at times workplaces that cannot provide all the opportunities for learners to meet certain learning outcomes. In response to these situations, we propose to include bespoke classes to meet these learning needs. These classes could be technical (such as patisserie or culinary techniques), design (such as creative practice) or management focused and will be delivered on a needs-based, case-by-case basis.

Subject areas

  • Introduction to Advanced Cookery
  • Advanced Cookery
  • Work Experience
  • Capstone

You are welcome to make an appointment to discuss your study options with our staff.

Your future career opportunities

Graduates of the NZ Diploma in Cookery (Level 5) (Advanced) – Managed Traineeship are presented with the chance to take up higher-level employment opportunities in the food and hospitality industry, including cafés, restaurants, fine dining establishments, hotels, commercial kitchens, and specialist and commercial catering.

Graduates will be eligible to study the Bachelor of Culinary Arts Level 7.



There is one entry date in 2024:

  • July


Entry requirements

Entry with Credit

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We have dedicated advisors who can assist with your learning.

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