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Webinar addresses importance of data during global crisis

May 26, 2020

EIT and Re-Leased will be hosting a free webinar on Friday, 5 June 2020, 10 am to 12 pm, called “COVID-19 – The importance of data for business”.

This webinar will address the crucial role of accessible data in the event of a global crisis. “The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic presents many questions and also opportunities. How we recover and respond in the future will be driven by the data we collect along the way,” believes Dr Tom Hartley, senior lecturer at EIT’s School of Computing who will be leading the presentation.

Dr Tom Hartley

Paul Stone (STATS NZ), Jay Kumar (Foresight Analytics), Akash Jattan (CCL-Revera) as well as Tom Wallace and Caleb Dunn (Re-Leased) will talk about how can we become more data ready, what data needs to be collected and how, what that data will tell us and how it will change our businesses and lives going forward but also what skills we need in the future to handle all of this. There will be four 30-minute sessions (including Q&As).

The webinar is a chance for people to hear from experts in their fields and to get information not easily available through other channels.

People interested in attending can register for the webinar by clicking on this link: