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Year 13 Scholarship One More Reason to Study in Gisborne

January 11, 2017

Because she feels privileged to have grown up among her people it made sense for Danielle Tamihere to study nursing at EIT Tairāwhiti.

Even better, the 18 year old Gisborne Girls High School student was awarded a Year 13 Study Scholarship for the programme, which means her tuition is paid, and she can gain an internationally-recognised qualification without leaving the people and the place she loves, or taking on a big debt.

“It saves so much money. Lots of girls my age are going to university because they want to get out of Gisborne. I like living in Gisborne, and because I want to help the people who
live here, it’s good to stay. My friends who are leaving have so many bills and fees to pay, and they didn’t know whether they got into their courses even when they were sitting their

Danielle Tamihere was awarded a Year 13 Scholarship, allowing her to become a 2017 nursing student at EIT Tairāwhiti.

Being of Maori and Samoan descent, Danielle says she wants to become a nurse to help improve some shocking health statistics.

“We have some of the worst stats in the country right here, so I think it would be good to help people to prevent some of these problems. I always heard that we need more Maori
and Polynesians working in the health sector, so I thought I would go and help.”

Danielle was encouraged by family friends who were already nursing, so she applied to EIT and was accepted to the three year Bachelor of Nursing programme.

“They said they loved nursing as a career and there were plenty of opportunities here and overseas. I would like to do some volunteer work overseas eventually.”

With the first semester about to start, Danielle is looking forward to joining EIT’s School of Nursing alongside one of her school friends in a programme that sees over 70 percent of graduates
employed within three months of graduation.

“I know that we will get a lot of practical work and support, everyone at EIT seems really friendly, and the smaller class-sizes here will make it easier to learn.

“My mum and dad have always encouraged my siblings and I to follow our dreams, to do something we’re passionate about, and to always find a way to help others and give back
to your community.

They’re thrilled that I’m able to gain a quality degree right here in Gisborne, and I’m committed to working hard and doing well.”