Wine Business and Innovation, Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or Masters

Study Options

Online, Full-time, Part-time


6 months - 6 years


Level 8 - 9

A unique opportunity to study Wine Business and Innovation fully online or on-campus

These qualifications are designed to apply an advanced and broad body of knowledge to your existing industry experience, and to provide you with the skills needed to keep your knowledge current. It responds to calls from the New Zealand wine industry for graduates who can demonstrate critical understanding of diverse industry issues through a commercial lens.

The Wine Business and Innovation qualification combines a masters, postgraduate diploma and postgraduate certificate into a flexible, modular programme designed to extend your knowledge, deepen your understanding, and consolidate your future at the forefront of wine business management. It will cover issues of sustainability, technology, entrepreneurship and global wine marketing, and draw on the strengths of both the School of Viticulture and Wine Science and the School of Business.

The programmes are aimed to suit your needs. You can start with the Postgraduate Certificate, complete that or build it into a Postgraduate Diploma and then a Masters. Whichever path you take, the programme will further develop your critical thinking skills and your ability to lead and influence decision-making in wine businesses both in New Zealand and overseas.

It’s our business to help you study, so flexible options mean you’ll be able to study part-time fully online or full-time on-campus towards this qualification, as you work around other commitments such as your current employment and family.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The Programme Coordinator for the Wine Business and Innovation suite of programmes is Dr Rory Hill.

If required, we can supply you with a plan and advice to complete the programme of your choice.

Master of Wine Business and Innovation

Postgraduate Diploma in Wine Business and Innovation

Postgraduate Certificate in Wine Business and Innovation

Career Opportunities and Outcomes

The programmes in the Wine Business and Innovation suite will enable graduates to:

●   Increase their knowledge base, professional skills, and confidence within the wine industry
●   Develop, manage, and advise a wine business
●   Pursue their domestic or international career goals within the industry

In addition, the master’s degree will position graduates to pursue further wine business research at doctoral level, should they so wish.


There are two entry dates per year:

  • January
  • July

Research Symposium: Advancing Viticulture and Wine Related Research

EIT School of Viticulture and Wine Science is planning a second Research Symposium: Advancing Viticulture and Wine Related Research.

The Symposium will be held on Thursday September 1st.

Keynote speakers for 2022:

Professor Hirini Matunga              Lincoln University
Professor Paul Kilmartin               Auckland University

Watch this space for more information.


Entry Requirements

English Language Entry Requirement

Entry with Credit

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