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Full-time, Part-time


18 months full-time or 3 years part-time


Level 8-9

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The Master of Health Science programme is tailored for health managers and health practitioners, specifically those working for DHBs, PHOs, the fitness industry and sports organisations, as well as social workers, community care workers and allied health practitioners.

The programme revolves around knowledge and research relating to health disparities and the needs of populations; ethical, legal and political dimensions of policy and practice; and interdisciplinary practice to improve healthcare.

Courses provide face-to-face and online learning opportunities and, in some cases, clinical fieldwork. As a student you will spend subsequent time in independent study, critical reflection, and fieldwork in your place of study or place of work.


The Master of Health Science programme provides the opportunity for health practitioners, health managers and other health professionals to advance and expand their knowledge and scholarship within an interdisciplinary learning environment. Students develop skills of critical analysis, constructive synthesis, advanced practice and research within their chosen discipline area. Students will.

  • Develop the knowledge and skills necessary for the management and provision of effective and comprehensive health care to particular populations of health consumers
  • Understand contemporary health disparities and the social determinants that impact on health and wellness
  • Integrate and apply the interdisciplinary skills and knowledge required to participate effectively in the planning, implementation and management of health care programmes and services that contribute to health care quality, equity and accessibility
  • Develop an advanced level of understanding of the legal ethical and political dimensions of practice within the discipline and specialty area of practice
  • Apply research skills to the resolution and improvement of health outcomes for individuals, families/whānau and communities.

Two study pathways are available:

Complete 90 credits from the level 8 courses, plus the level 9, 90-credit Masterate Research course; OR;

Complete 120 credits from the level 8 courses, plus two level 9, 30-credit courses: Research Methods and Design and Independent Scholarly Project.

Offered courses range from health services and operational management; nutrition and exercise prescription for special populations; health and public policy; cognitive behaviour therapy; Māori health; ageing populations; and disease management.

An option for this programme is the completion of a 30 credit scholarly project or a 90 credit thesis  of the requirement for the programme is the completion of a 90 credit thesis. This provides the opportunity for students to critically examine philosophical, methodological and ethical issues that underpin research and establish a sound foundation for developing knowledge and understanding of the nature and application of research.  Thesis supervisors are chosen form a range of specialty areas, and are drawn from both internal and external experienced research supervisors.

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Generally in February and July depending on the courses selected.


Entry requirements

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Study Pathways

After acquiring a Master of Health Science you could pursue a doctorate qualification through one of New Zealand’s universities. Please ask one of our staff if you’d like to find out more.