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EIT graduate sees new career as a chance to help people reach their goals

June 22, 2022

Phillippa Jones enjoyed studying for the Graduate Diploma in Business at EIT.

EIT graduate Phillippa Jones is loving her new human resources role because she is able to provide support and guidance that helps employees achieve their goals.

Phillippa, 25, who was born in Palmerston North but went to Iona College in Havelock North, was set for a career in hospitality after attending The Pacific International Hotel Management School (PIHMS) in New Plymouth, where she completed an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Hospitality & Tourism Management.

“During my studies I completed two paid industry placements where I worked in hotels and restaurants on Hamilton Island and Melbourne in Australia.”

However, COVID-19 made Phillippa take a step back and review what she wanted to do with her life.

“I always had an interest in human resources and when COVID-19 came and disrupted the hospitality and tourism industry I decided to look into furthering my studies and branching out into a new industry.”

Her next move was to enrol in the Graduate Diploma in Business at EIT, specialising in human resource management. She completed the programme in November 2021, during which time, as part of the graduate diploma, she completed a business project at Nimon and Sons Ltd.

“I created an informative and empowering induction programme to familiarise new employees with the job, people, work-place, work environment and the organisation.”

Phillippa has no hesitation in recommending the Graduate Diploma in Business at EIT because it “provided me with a great pathway into the HR industry”.

“I enjoyed the style of study as it allowed me to continue to work part-time, the learnings and experience I took away from the course have cemented my decision in why I joined the industry and has set me up with a good foundation to excel in the industry.”

After her time at EIT, Phillippa was employed by multi-national company Kraft Heinz Wattie’s in Hastings, where she started out as National Human Resources Coordinator before being promoted to her current role of Human Resources Advisor.

It is a role that she is loving.

“I enjoy helping employees and the company flourish, being able to provide support and guidance to aid people in achieving goals, and also being involved in problem solving makes me feel a real sense of gratitude.”

“I like the aspect of following and enforcing policies and laws, being able to advise on and develop how the company operates is interesting and each day is different. From identifying bias in the hiring process to promoting the values of transparency and respect, I enjoy helping to ensure people feel seen, understood and supported,” says Phillippa.

Her short term goal is to gain more of an understanding of each function with Kraft Heinz Wattie’s. “I aspire to have more understanding of each function within the business, with the longer-term goal of becoming a Human Resources Manager or Human Resources Business Partner.” 

Russell Booth, EIT’s programme co-ordinator of the Graduate Diploma in Business, says: “The business project that Phillippa completed at Nimon and Sons Ltd showed her ability to understand a complex situation and come up with an innovative and well-thought out solution, something I know Phillippa will be doing in her current role!  The project definitely allowed Phillippa to show her strengths in helping people in a highly effective manner.”

“One of the main benefits of the programme is assisting people to change careers, especially when they can showcase their knowledge and skills through completing a project.”