Life in my bubble

April 23, 2020

We are inspired by how our students are keeping themselves motivated during lockdown in New Zealand. Auckland student, Christina Xu gives an insight into how she is balancing studies, home life and volunteer work.

Where are you from and what programme are you studying?

I am from China and currently studying for a Master of Applied Management at the EIT Auckland Campus.

How are you coping with life in lockdown?

I am doing well and keeping busy with daily life as usual; cooking, cleaning, playing with my daughter, and gardening.

How is studying online going for you?

Before lockdown, in the last face-to-face class, my lecturer suggested that we organise our study via a range of online platforms. This gave us the idea to build a WhatsApp group. We can ask questions and discuss them anytime. Our lecturer is often there to answer questions and give guidance. We can also find the latest information, including videos, on the MyEIT platform.

Staying connected with my lecturer and classmates keeps me focused on continuing my studies and finishing my assignments!

What are you doing in your spare time?

It’s good to keep exercising every day. I have joined an online fitness programme that has helped me stay in a good mood. I have also been volunteering as a Release Group Coach through my church during lockdown. I take part in weekly group meetings via Zoom, offering support and friendship to members of the community.

How are you keeping in touch with family and friends and how often?

I am using WeChat, WhatsApp and Zoom to stay connected with my family and friends every day. I am also in touch with church via emails. Of course, no cell phone when I am focusing on my study!

What are you most looking forward to when the lockdown is over?

Going hiking and seeing more of New Zealand. I am also getting ready for my next big challenge: job-hunting!