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“Juggling swimming and study can be difficult”

September 17, 2019

Alena Kamper, EIT – Sport HB Scholarship Recipient

Approximately seven sessions per week, eleven hours in the pool, up to five kilometres per session and 16 arm turns per length, well I guess you could just say I swim a lot. Initially I had little clue as to what I would be expecting starting at EIT this year, but over the 25 weeks I have spent there it has exceeded my expectations.

Juggling swimming and study can be difficult but so far I have found it to be an easy transition from high school. The lecturers have provided plenty of detailed and extra notes so when tasked with the hours of independent study I know what I should be doing and what is expected of me. Compared to high school, the timetable is more flexible allowing me to fit study in during the day without impacting on my training schedule.

I have managed to keep my grades up as well as continue to make improvements in swimming. Lately I have been training for New Zealand Short Course Nationals which are held early October. In the lead up to this key event of the year I will be heading up to Rotorua to compete in the Aquaknights Short Course central region event. This is a great competition to see where I am at in my training and where I need to focus on to improve. Although getting ready when its pitch black and cold to spend an hour and a half in lukewarm water may sound like a nightmare to some, it is what I love to do and am so glad that studying at EIT has enabled me to continue to do so.