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Student’s food market vowed connoisseurs

May 30, 2019

At the Locavore market held on EIT campus cookery students sold their finest creations.

Apple butter, healthy drinks, pickled rhubarb, jams and salami – EIT’s trainee chefs celebrated their cooking expertise by showcasing their preserves and charcuterie wares at the School of Hospitality’s fourth annual Locavore market on the Hawke’s Bay campus.

The term “locavore” was coined some 13 years ago to embrace and promote the local aspect in food production. From its beginnings in San Francisco, the movement – aimed at connecting food producers and consumers in the same geographical area – quickly caught on worldwide.

AT 2019’s Locavore market, EIT’s level 5 cookery students preserved fresh, sustainable, organic, local produce, designed the packaging and sold their treats to staff, students and other foodies.

Over eight weeks, the students had to put what they had been learning into practice. That included smoking, curing, dehydrating, bottling and fermenting foodstuff and trying out their marketing skills by packing, labelling, pricing the goodies and selling from their stalls.

“This exercise is about seeing food products through all the stages, from sourcing ingredients, cooking, packaging and communicating with customers in selling them the finished goods. These are essential skills for every modern chef,” said chef tutor Mark Caves.