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Stuart Nash sharing insights with EIT students

April 1, 2019

Labour MP for Napier and cabinet minister Stuart Nash, visited EIT on Thursday and talked to the advanced taxation class students to pass on some interesting facts about his work as Minister of Revenue. 

“I’m happy to share my knowledge and to add value to the students‘ experience,” he said and expressed an open invitation to other lecturers who might like him to share his knowledge on campus.

Mr Nash pointed out that he is a huge believer in the value of education. Mr Nash, who holds three master degrees and an array of postgrad qualifications, says that he might have gone a little bit over the top with accumulating qualifications. However, studying different subjects gave him a good in-depth understanding in a variety of areas.

 “Academic qualifications get you a foot in the door and then it’s up to you to make the most out of it. You get a level of expertise that allows you to be knowledgeable in an area which you think is important,” said Mr Nash.

“You have to have something, a certificate, a diploma or a degree, that shows that you have learned some skills that help take you anywhere in life.”

Mr Nash said he is and always was a huge fan of EIT. “EIT delivers in a really good way. People can train here without leaving Hawke’s Bay, the community gets the benefit of a lot of the programmes and international students bring vibrancy and colour. From an enonomic perspective EIT is hugely important. There is no downside to having EIT in Hawke’s Bay,” Mr Nash said.

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