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The Big Wide World of Cloud Computing and Data Management

August 31, 2015

WP_20140320 Emre 007 (2)During 2015, Dr Emre Erturk’s research focused on cloud computing and big data, important trends in the world of information technology and ones which will have significant impact on future curricula for teaching computing and information systems at tertiary institutions.

Emre’s research interest in cloud computing goes back several years. He has taught the post-graduate course “Cloud Based IT Solutions” since 2014. In October 2014, during the ITX/CITRENZ conference, Emre spoke on a panel of experts about ways of incorporating cloud computing into tertiary teaching. In recent years, he has spent a significant amount of time working on using open and cloud-based technologies for teaching and his recent goal has been to investigate the use of cloud-based technologies by local organisations. This involves cooperation with the Cloud Security Alliance, Hawke’s Bay SharePoint User Group, Hawke’s Bay Business Analysts Group and other industry contacts. From these contacts and his own past work experience with database and data warehouse reporting, Emre sees the need to better understand and inform others about the recent trend of big data within the broader distribution and cloud-based information technology framework.

Emre recognises that learning about big data is useful and necessary for students as well as experienced database professionals given the recent increase in jobs requiring skills in this area. There is a broad range of database skills associated with big data, including database design, analytics and operational administration.

In particular, Emre and post-graduate student Kamal Jyoti have investigated a popular big data application called MongoDB and have developed ideas for useful practical learning activities that can be explored with this package. In addition to articulating new content for future curricula, their recent article in the journal Engineering, Technology and Applied Science Research, titled “Learning a Big Data Application: What Database Engineers and IT Students Need to Know”, contributes to the newly emerging academic literature in the area of cloud computing and big data. In the article, Emre offers recommendations for database engineers and IT professionals on keeping up with this trend.