Jane Qin

Lecturer - Viticulture and Wine Science


06 830 1189 Extension: 5089

Areas of Teaching

Viticulture, Wine Science, Wine Sensory


MHortSc (Vit&Oen), BAgriSc (Hort Sc), NZCertAdTT


Professional Statement

To ensure that all students have confidence in stepping into the industry upon completion of their study journey and foster a love of lifelong learning. This is achieved by nurturing critical skills by providing a safe supportive learning environment and respect individual student’s academic background and learning styles.

Research Expertise

Jane Qin received her Masters Degree at Lincoln University where she investigated berry composition and wine quality of Pinot Noir as affected by leaf area to crop load ratio.  During her thesis, evaluated vine balance as disturbed by leaf removal and crop thinning, and analyzed the composition of fruit and wine produced from those vines. The aim of this project was to improve the understanding of wine quality as affected by vine balance and how the differences are transferred from vine to wine.

Janes versatile set of skills, honed through both academic and industry experience, have given her a depth of expertise in wine production and biochemical testing. She has experience analysing at boutique, commercial, and national industry level. Her primary interest lies in investigating the relationship between perceived sensory characteristics and the constitution and composition of chemical compounds, along with how winemaking treatment would affect those chemical compounds.

Research Projects

She has involved in a range of industrial projects related to commercial wine production, including testing technique for enzyme stability, mapping vineyard plots and grape maturity, etc.

Presently she is conducting chemical analysis of sensory analysed chardonnay wines and

mapping the correlations between sensory characteristics, chemistry analyses and winemaking techniques of Hawkes Bay Chardonnay wines.

Research Outputs


Qin, Y. “Berry Composition and Wine Quality of Pinot Noir as Affected by Leaf Area to Crop Load Ratio.” Master Thesis, Lincoln University, 2015. https://researcharchive.lincoln.ac.nz/handle/10182/6816.


Qin, Y., L. Pasch, G.L. Creasy, R. Harrison, and J. Zhao. 2016. Analyses of cool climate Pinot noir vine and fruit parameters as affected by altered leaf area/crop load ratios, in: Abstract Booklet, 9th International Cool Climate Wine Symposium. Presented at the 9th International Cool Climate Wine Symposium, Brighton, England, May 26-28. p. 47.