Te Pitau a Manaia (Kaupae 5) | NZ Diploma in Ngā Toi (Level 5)

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1 year


Level 5

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Toihoukura! Toihoutangata! Toihoukura!

Māori art is a specialist field that is highly sought after nationally and internationally.

Te Pitau a Manaia is a unique diploma which is kaupapa and wānanga based. You will have access to recognised tohunga and leading Māori art specialists across a range of artforms.

Te Ao Māori is interwoven throughout the program and provides a basis for self-expression in the creation of artworks using a variety of mediums.

You will be introduced to a wide range of art disciplines, with a view to specialisation if you opt to continue your Toihoukura journey. Toihoukura wānanga based delivery provides the opportunity to link past traditional practices whilst allowing scope for expression in a modern context. Successful completion of Te Pitau a Manaia | NZ Diploma in Nga Toi enables you to apply directly for Year Two of Te Toi o Nga Rāngi | Bachelor of Māori Visual Arts at Toihoukura.

Your future career and study opportunities

Career opportunities can include:

  • Practicing artist
  • Teacher
  • Gallery and exhibition curator
  • Hapu and Iwi, Rūnanga and community group positions
  • A wide range of creative industry vocations

Pathway to postgraduate studies:

  • Te Toi o Nga Rangi | Bachelor of Māori Visual Arts
  • Te Hono ki Toi (Poutiri-a-Rangi) | Bachelor of Creative Practice (Honours) (Level 8)
  • Te Ara Pourewa | Graduate Diploma in Heritage and Museum Studies
  • Te Hono ki Toi (Poutiriao) | Master of Professional Creative Practice



Te Pitau a Manaia | NZ Diploma in Ngā Toi (Level 5) is a one year, 120 credit course. It is taught by some if Aotearoa New Zealand’s premier Māori artists and is well supported by Aotearoa New Zealand’s Māori art sector, communities and a range of leading Māori art specialist across the nation.

You will develop your creativity through focusing on art practice enforced by traditional research methods. Learners at Toihoukura come from all corners of the world, however studies are primarily informed by te reo Maori me ngā tikanga o Te Tairāwhiti.

Toihoukura has a busy exhibition schedule for all year levels with shows not only in our own gallery Maia but nationally and internationally. Marae and wānanga based learning continues to be a main focus ensuring our art remains culturally authentic and connected.


  • Realise their full potential intellectually and creatively.
  • Understand the importance of te reo Māori.
  • Affirm the importance of te reo, tikanga, kawa and mōteatea as the basis of Māori artistic expression.
  • Are effective and confident art professionals.
  • Can contribute to the restoration, conservation and development of art and design skills and practices unique to hapū, iwi and waka.
  • Are confident and competent in all aspects of Māori culture relevant to Māori art and design.
  • Are confident to contribute to projects locally, nationally and internationally.

Nau Mai e Hika ma…


There is one entry date per year:

  • February


Entry requirements

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